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We are an experienced team of dedicated professionals, ready to partner with upwardly mobile companies.


We partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, management teams, and corporations who share a common vision for maximizing value creation.


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About Us

JC Koinon Industries is a private equity firm focused on investing in companies in the following industries: Healthcare Packaging & Distribution, Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing, and Consumer Products. The California-based firm believes in finding and partnering with management leaders in core domains to identify, acquire and build market-leading companies through transformational acquisitions and organic growth.

JC Koinon Industries believes our approach to middle market private equity is simple and consistent. Our successful investments are built on trust and results — we strive to acquire companies that have demonstrated a strong track record and most importantly a best-of-breed reputation in their industry.  From there, our goal is to work with leaders who believe in hard work, success, incentive equity and treating their employees and customers with the highest level of integrity.


    Our team is focused on the smaller end of the middle market ($1mm-$5mm in EBITDA)


    We harvest operating and investment resources, find great companies and strive to grow them.


    With decades of operating and investing experience, JC Koinon has the capital and resources to fund middle market acquisitions as well as the expertise to grow companies and identify critical opportunities for operations improvements and business development.


    We believe in relationships and treating business owners and advisors with respect.


    Closing Timeframe. We move faster than any other buyer for investments that are unique and proprietary. We close in 60 days or less.

    Valuation. We commit to offering a full value on terms that are a win-win, and position the business for growth post-closing.

    Operations and Upside Post-Closing. We will always welcome introductions and new investment opportunities but we have a strong desire to build a relationship with a company owner (or manager) who is looking to continue to play an important role in the business after the sale is complete.  This does not mean that we are asking you (the owner) to “work hard for someone else.”  Rather, this means that we value ongoing partnerships with people who know the strengths and weaknesses of the business better than anyone else recruited from the outside.  With that said, if you (the owner) want to scale back over time – we can help create a plan and strategy together.

    Commitment to Success & Rewards. After we acquire a business, we will do everything to promote its success.  Our partners, managers, and employees will share handsomely in the upside with our collective successes in the future.


Our team specializes in expertise in the Aerospace, Healthcare, Consumer and Packaging industries.



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At JC Koinon Industries, it’s extremely important to us that we build strong business partnerships with the entrepreneurs we back and invest in.

We believe it’s these trusted partnerships that will yield strong results.

Frank Mauro

“Mr. Hoggan has been a highly supportive and progressive investment partner.  A company that I have run with Mr. Hoggan’s support – Orlando Spring Corporation – has grown significantly and now serves the aerospace and defense market on a global basis. Mr. Hoggan’s investment in our team and technology-led operations improvement has built a strong platform for future growth and we are proud of the business we built together.”

Frank MauroPresident & CEOOrlando Spring Corporation
Trish Moreno

“I am lucky to have worked with Alex (Hoggan) for over six years. He is an exceedingly professional dealmaker with a keen understanding of the market and a wide network of trusted colleagues. A calm and patient partner in navigating through complex business challenges and solutions, he always offers fresh perspective.”

Trish MorenoPresident & CEOLittle Giraffe
Jim Stroud

“Benjamin Hall has the expertise and experience to maximize value in healthcare businesses. I personally hired Mr. Hall to help us with a long-term valuation creation strategy at Golden State Medical Supply and he achieved what we thought would take a decade inside of three years. Mr. Hall has an ability to bring a team together with aligned interests. His generosity and work ethic are the icing on the cake. I am confident any business would be fortunate to have JC Koinon invest in and grow their enterprise.”

Jim StroudFounderGolden State Medical Supply (“GSMS”)